Over 30 years of know-how and passion

Lucy’s Line Srl is a company with over 30 years of experience in the production of denim and cotton garments for children, men and women. Our premises, with an area of over 12,000 m², are in North-Eastern Italy, close to Venice.

The consolidated production process begins with the proposal of the garment design and the careful selection of fabrics, up to the direct management of production and quality control. This is how Lucy’s Line is a market leader in the textile sector, producing more than one million garments a year.

Our customers, in Italy and in the World

A specific dedication to Kids' clothing

The company produces kids’ clothing ages 0 – 14 years. In particular it is specialised in manufacturing garments for girls and in denim.

The Italian Premises: between research and development

The Italian Premises take care of prototypes and sample collections.

Everything is carried out in-house, from research and development on fabrics and on the pattern paper to the first development stages of prototypes; from ordering and managing all fabrics to finishing and logistics. 10,000 pieces are produced every week: a quantity that is reached thanks to the collaboration of our trusted workshops on the territory. Every season about 500 research prototypes are studied and developed, made in collaboration with more than 100 suppliers of fabrics, coming from Italy, Turkey and Japan.

research prototypes per season
pieces per week
garments a year

An outstanding final product in 4 steps


Latest generation Lectra CAD modelling management.


We guarantee fast fulfillment times and optimize the industrialization of the production process: the latter includes automatic cutting, in-house embroidering, certified manufacture, exclusive washing and treatments, ironing and certified quality control.


We are specialised in all fields in our sector: from prints to sewing and embroidering, from ironing to product finishing with the application of special materials.


We follow directly, with great attention, the final production control.

Our Foreign Premises


Made in Tunisia

Our premises in Tunisia are concentrated on the series production of five-pocket jeans and of cotton trousers with vintage effects. The production capacity reaches 100,000 pieces a month. In these premises cutting, manufacturing, manual treatments, ironing and quality control are carried out. Our factory is certified by Bureau Veritas.


Made in Albania

Our premises in Albania are equipped with specialized plants for the production of tailored trousers, in particular chinos and cargo pocket trousers. The monthly production capacity reaches 25,000 pieces. In these premises cutting, manufacturing, manual treatments, ironing and quality control are carried out.

Quality is our warranty

In order to guarantee the highest quality of the final product, Lucy’s Line Srl has direct control over the entire production process of all of its Premises. All products are returned to the Italian Premises, where they undergo a final quality control to verify compliance with the required standards.


Lucy’s Line Srl


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